By Pete Pongpipatthanapan

As a nephew of Phra Kru Vijitra Dhammabharn, the abbot of Wat Pha Tor I am so proud to be his nephew and to mourning him as he is our monument for everyone.


My family grew up in the small village of Southern Thailand (Phatthalung) as long as he reminded me to our old culture of South that push us to the relationship commitment system ; the miracle of him is he could be explained our source of clan of our family so well. I thought he is the last one who can functional its family.

As a young man I was very happy when I went to Wat Pha Tor to see him in that time with his face that so kindness and generousness. I thought our family since our great grand mom (Thuad Phueng Chooyok-his mother) was so proud of him like my lovely grand Pa (His brother Plaek Chooyok) as well.


Yet in the  Buddhist ascetic he also had  a lot of energies and tons of potentials to propagate the Buddhism in the local area as Phatthalung or Nakorn Srithammaraj area. Meanwhile he is a kind of friendly person who can stay in touch with kinds of people anywhere around him. That is right you can say that he is the real ordinary and barely one you have not seen in our present time of Buddhist era. He always is the natural miracle, clear and clean as the crowd realized.


May I pray for him to get a path to perfectness  as long as getting thru the end of cycle of life (Nirvana).

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